offers complete range of precision digital and analog scales or balances, crane scales and dynamometers from AMETEK Chatillon, Shimana, Kern, Ohaus and others. is owned and operated by Digital Measurement Metrology. With over 25 years of experience in the metrology field, cialis the DMM Group of Companies provide sales, accredited calibrations, service, installations, contract calibration management and training on major metrology equipment. We are located in Brampton, Ontario, Canada 


Chatillon CDR Digital Crane Scale

CDR Digital Crane Scale
From: $549.00
Part#: CDR-Series

OHAUS Ranger Count 3000 Series

Ranger Count 3000 Series
From: $785.00
Part#: Ranger 3000 Series

OHAUS Defender 3000 Industrial Scale

Defender 3000 Industrial Scale
Price: $1,349.00
Part#: D500M

Chatillon WT12 Dynamometer & Crane Scales

WT12 Dynamometer & Crane Scales
From: $1,330.00
Part#: WT12-Series

OHAUS Stainless Steel Bench Scales

Stainless Steel Bench Scales
Price: $1,538.00
Part#: Defender 5000

Chatillon Portable Beam Mechanical Scales

Portable Beam Mechanical Scales
From: $1,100.00
Part#: HB Series

Dillon Industrial Digital Crane Scales EDxtreme

Industrial Digital Crane Scales EDxtreme
From: $2,640.00
Part#: EDxtreme Series

KERN Handy Balance for Higher Loads

Handy Balance for Higher Loads
From: $295.00
Part#: HCB Series

KERN CPB Counting scale

CPB Counting scale
From: $495.00
Part#: CPB-Series

Shimana Digital Hanging Scale 100-300 kg

Digital Hanging Scale 100-300 kg
From: $279.00
Part#: SHXWDS242 Series

OHAUS Ranger 7000 Compact Scales (series)

Ranger 7000 Compact Scales (series)
From: $1,494.00
Part#: Ranger 7000 Series

KERN High-resolution precision balance

High-resolution precision balance
From: $490.00
Part#: PCD Series