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Industrial Digital Crane Scales EDxtreme

Part#: EDxtreme Series
Supplier: Dillon
Calibration Certificate: available on request

With this crane scale Dillon has once again lifted the performance bar and set the standard for others to follow. The Dillon EDxtreme crane scale (also called EDx) offers a fast and advanced weighing option for people working to achieve the highest structural integrity. Designed with cutting-edge features like radio control, the EDx Dillon Crane Scale will improve product development, exhaustive materials testing, performance and compliance.

Accurate repeatable readings are essential to proper weighing. The higher standards set for the EDx Crane Scales meant taking the time to ensure that material characteristics, load element design and strain gage meshed perfectly. With a weight range from 2500 to 50,000 lbf (1000 to 20000 kgf) this crane scale is a great choice for many weighting applications.

The EDXtreme Industrial Crane Scales are well suited for applications that are looking for high-accuracy, remote display, networking and/or hardware variety at an affordable cost.


  • edxtreme-features.jpgAn accuracy of 0.1% of full scale capacity.
  • Resolution of 1 part in 5000 to ensure the level of readability.
  • Control Interface of Dillon SOFTKEY allows easy and intuitive operation and configuration;
  • Local gravity correction.
  • Custom units of measure .
  • Wide-angle LCD.
  • Battery operation - Powered by two standard C-cell batteries.
  • Conducted exhaustive materials testing to achieve the highest structural integrity.
  • Superior strength and corrosion resistance.
  • NEMA 4X / IP55 designed for weather and water resistance
  • 5:1 factor of safety - This measure of strength and safety is maintained at all capacities.
  • NEMA 4X/IP55 - The EDX Crane Scale is clearly the choice for reliability in any environment - in-plant or out on the job site.
  • Two year warranty.

Hook Choices: Reliable, high quality Crosby hooks are used on all EDx Crane Scales

  • Non-Swivel Hook – basic hook for low-cost, low-headroom weighing.
  • Basic Swivel Hook – Used to align rigging to the crane.
  • Bearing Swivel Hook – Used for precise positioning under load .

Optional Remote Communicator, showing four crane scale readings and total of all. Capacities available from 2500 to 50,000 lbf (1000 to 20000 kgf)


How to order EDXtreme crane scale:

EDXtreme Crane Scale must be order with two hardware options. The prices below are shown in the following configuration
  • EDXtreme crane scale with crate
  • Standard upper anchor shackle
  • Non-swivel hook

    Dillon EDXtreme Crane Scale can be also equipped with oversize shackle and radio ready function.
    biuld your on Crane Scale by Dillon and contact our sales departament for prices.

See also EDXtreme dynamometers which can be ordered with two shackles & backlight and radio ready option.

Ordering info

SKUDescription Capacity ResolutionIn Stock
EDX-10T-S-NS10.000Kg Crane Scale 10t (25.000 lb) 10kg (20lb) 0
EDX-1T-S-NS1000Kg Crane Scale 1000 kg (2500 lb) 1kg (2lb) 0
EDX-20T-S-NS20t Crane Scale 20t (50.000lb) 20kg (50lb) 0
EDX-2T-S-NS2000Kg Crane Scale 2000 kg (5000 lb) 5kg (2 lb) 0
EDX-5T-S-NS5000kg Crane Scale 5000 kg (10000lb) 5kg (10lb) 0

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