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Industrial Mechanical Crane Scales AP

Part#: AP Crane Scales
Supplier: Dillon
Calibration Certificate: available on request

The AP Dillon Crane Scales is an accurate and reliable crane scale available in low, intermediate and high range models with capacities from 500 to 20,000 kilograms  (1000 to 20,000 pounds).

Crane scales are made up of two parts, an AP Dynamometer  and the associated crane scale hardware kit which includes the following: a swivel hook, oversized shackle assembly and a wooden shipping/storage crate. 

Thanks to its anti-parallax dial and pointer the Dillon AP Mechanical Crane Scale is easy to read even at an angle and applied loads are indicated instantly. Oiling is never required because Dillon mounted pinion gear, sector gear and shafts in precision aircraft bearings permanently sealed against dust and dirt.

Built it for long life utilisation this Crane Scale is ready to be sold right from our Toronto Greatest Area warehouse.


  • Tough construction - Mechanism case is a heavy aluminum alloy casting, tough enough to resist even heavy blows.
  • Protective finish - Scale cases are coated with a baked-on powder paint process making them resistant to chips, scratches, rust and corrosion.
  • Tare function - The zero control can tare out loads up to 20% of capacity.
  • Maximum indicator - Remains in position to indicate peak load point after load is removed from scale.
  • Reduced wear - Pinion and sector gears are cut from stainless steel and hardened aluminum. Use of these dissimilar materials greatly reduces friction and wear.
  • Safe for overhead installations - 5:1 ultimate safety factor on most models.
  • Tare adjustment: Up to 20% of full scale range
  • Ultimate safety factor: 5:1 (* 4:1 for 20,000 lb and 10000 kg)
  • Dial diameter: 10”
  • Scale length: (from inside of eye to inside of hook)
    - Low Range: 25½”
    - Intermediate Range: 29¾”
  • Warranty - Two years.

Standard AP Crane Scale Hardware Kit includes: Swivel hook, oversized shackle assembly, wooden shipping/storage crate. 
If this kit is not suitable for your needs, you can buy the Dillon AP Dynamometer.

Ordering info

SKUDescription Capacity AccuracyIn Stock
AWT05-503446Dillon AP Crane Scales Hardware Kit 1000 lb-5000 lb (500-2000 kg) 0.5% of Full Scale 0
AWT05-503447Dillon AP Crane Scales Hardware Kit 10k lb (4000-5000 kg) 0.5% of Full Scale 0
AWT05-503448Dillon AP Crane Scales Hardware Kit 20k lb (10,000 kg) 0.5% of Full Scale 0

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