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Industrial Dynamometer EDxtreme

Part#: EDxtreme Dynamometer Series
Supplier: Dillon
Calibration Certificate: available on request

When size matters buy this all-new EDXtreme Dynamometer with optional Communicator from us! Dillon EDXtreme Dynamometer is clearly the choice for reliability in any environment – in-plant or out on the job site. With this model, Dillon conducted materials testing  to achieve the highest structural integrity.  Dillon Extreme Dynamometers are available in 10 models each of them providing rugged construction, superior strength and corrosion resistance. High capacity dynamometers are builded of powder coated aircraft-quality alloy steel.  Lower capacity models are powder coated aircraft-quality and also achieve a 5:1 minimum factor of safety.

Even if you’ll use the EDXtreme Dynamometer as a digital hanging scale or into complex weighing system,  the instrument offers a higher level of intelligence and readily adapts to multi-tasking operations or multi-link systems capable of monitoring a series of critical stress points from a single location.

The enhanced resolution mode of 1 part in 5000 provides the level of readability needed for refined weighing. In addition to lbf, kgf and Newtons, programmable functions can correct for gravitational variations and allow the use of custom units of measurement.

Building a very versatile instrument able to improve readability over a wider viewing angle,  Dillon introduces the wide-angle backlit LCD as standard feature for both high capacity or lower capacity EDXtreme Dynamometer’s models.


  • Dramatically improved radio communications distanceedxtreme_dynamometer_specifications.jpg
  • High speed Peak Capture 10/100/1,000 Hz
  • Improved backlight intensity
  • Lift and store of weight / force
  • Date and time
  • Continuous data storage
  • Re-calibration reminder
  • Can communicate with two Communicators via radio
  • Overload at 120% with date and time record
  • Sturdy aircraft-quality aluminum (shown) or alloy steel on high-capacity models
  • High-resolution dot-matrix LCD display offers large numbers without confusing abbreviations or multipliers
  • Injection molded, thick Lexan panels offer superior impact protection
  • Superior strength and corrosion resistance
  • Softkey interface allows easy and intuitive operation and configuration
  • NEMA 4X / IP55 designed for weather and water resistance

Hook Choices: Reliable, high quality Crosby hooks are used on all EDx Crane Scales

  • Non-Swivel Hook – basic hook for low-cost, low-headroom weighing.
  • Basic Swivel Hook – Used to align rigging to the crane.
  • Bearing Swivel Hook – Used for precise positioning under load .


Optional Remote Communicator, showing four crane scale readings and total of all. Capacities available from 2500 to 50,000 lbf (1000 to 20000 kgf)


edxtreme dynamometer configurations

The EDXtreme dynamometer is an extremely configurable force measurement instrument.
It is available with optional radio. A radio-ready EDXtreme dynamometer can be remotely viewed and controlled by a Dillon Communicator II.

The Communicator II can remotely view and control one or several EDXtreme instruments simultaneously via radio frequency. If the EDXtreme is not equipped with radio, then a RS-485 cable will be required between the EDXtreme and Communicator II. Information is easily sent to computer from a radio Communicator II via a serial cable.

The EDXtreme may be configured with or without shackles. All of the EDX models include backlight.
The prices shown bellow don't include shackles which are available at an extracost.


 *Green Pin shackles will be included except for the 150T and 250T which will include Crosby shackles.
**Requires radio-equipped Communicator

Ordering info

SKUDescription Capacity Resolution (normal/enhanced)In Stock
EDX-100T (220K)EDXtreme with two *Green Pin shackles & radio ready & backlight 220,000 lbf (100000kgf) 200/50 lbf (100/20kgf) 0
EDX-10T (25K)EDXtreme with two *Green Pin shackles & backlight 25,000 lbf (10,000 kgf) 20/5lbf (10/2kgf) 0
EDX-150T (330K)EDXtreme with two *Green Pin shackles & radio ready & backlight 330,000 lbf (150,000 kgf) 200/100lbf (100/50kgf) 0
EDX-1T (2.5K)EDXtreme with two *Green Pin shackles & backlight 2,500 lbf (1000kgf) 2/0.5lbf (1/0.2kgf) 0
EDX-250T (550K)EDXtreme with two *Green Pin shackles & radio ready & backlight 550,000 lbf (250,000 kgf) 500/200lbf (200/50kgf) 0
EDX-25T (55K)EDXtreme with two *Green Pin shackles & backlight 50,000 lbf (20,000 kgf) 50/10lbf ( 20/5kgf) 0
EDX-2T (5K)EDXtreme with two *Green Pin shackles & backlight 5,000 lbf (2,000 kgf) 5/1lbf (2/0.5) 0
EDX-50T (100K)EDXtreme with two *Green Pin shackles & radio ready & backlight 100,000 lbf (50,000 kgf) 100/20lbf (50/10kgf) 0
EDX-5T (10K)EDXtreme with two *Green Pin shackles & backlight 5000 kg (10000lb) 5/1lbf (2/0.5lb) 0
EDX-75T (160K)EDXtreme with two *Green Pin shackles & radio ready & backlight 160,000 lbf (75,000 kgf) 100/50lbf (50/10kgf) 0

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