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Part#: AX Precision Series
Supplier: OHAUS
Calibration Certificate: available on request

This OHAUS Adventurer Precision Scale (series) is extremely popular with light industrial installation or laboratory facilities.  The new Ohaus Adventurer has a maximum weighing capacity of 8,200g and 0.01 g readability (depending on model).

The Precision Ohaus Adventurer has an easy to use functionality, features an bright and large display, color touchscreen and is now equipped with the connectivity and functional features required in laboratories.  The precision balance is designed for extreme accuracy and durability operations and comes with a minimum weight feature to indicate that your current sample weight is below your defined minimum limit.

When you need to weigh an unstable load, the OHAUS Adventurer Scale proved to be a perfect precision balance for these dynamic weighing measurements. The scale will take an average of weights over a period of time and provides accurate results. In addition with dynamic weighing feature, it comes also with statistic, for cumulative measurements of multiple items.
This Ohaus Adventurer Balance usually is ready to ship from our Brampton warehouse.  Buy one from us today and enjoy our great price for scales accredited calibration services.

See also the OHAUS Adventurer Analytical Balance featuring capacities from 120 to 520 grams and 0.0001 grams readability.


  • ohaus precision scaleWeighing & Check Weighing;
  • Parts Counting;
  • Percent Weighing;
  • Check Weighing;
  • Dynamic Weighing;
  • Statistics;
  • Formulation;
  • Density Determination;
  • Display Hold;


  • Fast stabilization and reliable operation are enhanced by the AutoCal™ option to ensure solid weighing performance and accurate, repeatable results for standard laboratory applications.
  • The wide viewing angle color touchscreen provides access to all of Adventurer’s applications, while dual USB ports with GLP/GMP tracking capabilities assist in the monitoring and reporting of data.
  • The two piece, top-mounted draftshield doors reduce the footprint of the doors in the rear of the balance when open, and open wide on both sides in order to provide ample room to place samples. 
  • Display:    4.3" (109 mm) Full-color VGA graphic touchscreen with user-controlled brightness   
  • Operation:    AC Adapter (Included)  
  • Communication:    RS232, USB Host, USB Device (included). GLP/GMP data output with real-time clock.   
  • Construction:    Metal base, ABS top housing, stainless steel pan, glass draftshield with two piece top mounted side doors and sliding top door, illuminated up-front level indicator, integral weigh below hook, security bracket, calibration lock, full housing in-use cover   
  • Design Features:    Selectable environmental filters, auto tare, user selectable span calibration points, software lockout and reset menu, user selectable communication settings and data print options, user definable project and user IDs, up to 9 operating languages


Ohaus Adventurer dimensions

Ordering info

SKUDescription Capacity Resolution PlatformIn Stock
AX1502Precision Scales 1520g 0.01g 175 x 195 mm 0
AX2202Precision Scales 2200g 0.01g 175 x 195 mm 0
AX4201Precision Scales 4200g 0.1g 175 x 195 mm 0
AX4202Precision Scales 4200g 0.01g 175 x 195 mm 0
AX5202Precision Scales 5200g 0.01g 175 x 195 mm 0
AX622Precision Scales 620g 0.01g 175 x 195 mm 0
AX8201Precision Scales 8200g 0.1g 175 x 195 mm 0

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