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High-resolution precision balance

Part#: PCD Series
Supplier: KERN
Calibration Certificate: available on request


  • Laboratory balance with separate platform: Ideal when working in a glove bag or under laboratory fume hoods. Particularly practical for weighing toxic, volatile or contaminated substances
  • PRE-TARE function for manual subtraction of a known container weight, useful for checking fill-levels
  • Freely programmable weighing unit, e.g. display direct in special units such as length of thread g/m, paper weight g/m2, or similar
  • Level indicator and levelling feet for precise levelling of the scale, fitted as standard, to give the most accurate weighing results
  • Draught shield standard for models with weighing plate size Ø 105 mm
    Note: Individual header data: the free software KERN SHM-01 can be used to print 4 header lines on the printout for printers 911-013, YKN-01, YKB-01N, YKE-01 and YKC-01 (in combination with YKI-02). You can easily download the software here (unfortunately it cannot be sent out as a CD): Software full-version
  Max Weighing (g) Readout (g) Reproducibility (g) Linearity (g) Min piece weight (g/piece)
PCD 250-3 250 0,001 0,002 0,005 0,02
PCD 300-3 350 0,001 0,002 0,005 0,02
PCD 2500-2 2500 0,01 0,02 0,05 0,2
PCD 3000-2 3500 0,01 0,02 0,05 0,2
PCD 6K-4 6000 0,1 0,1 0,3 2
PCD 10K0.1 10000 0,1 0,1 0,3 2
PCD 10K-3 10000 1 1 3 20

Available accessories

  • Protective working cover over the display device, scope of delivery: 5 items
  • Stand to elevate display device, height of stand approx. 250 mm
  • Foot switch: ideal when the application requires two free hands. TARE or PRINT function can be selected. Scope of delivery: foot switch, junction box, connection cable. For the PRINT function you will need the RS-232 interface cable.
  • Rechargeable battery pack internal, operating time up to 24 h, charging time approx. 10 h, AUTO-OFF function to preserve the battery, can be switched off
  • Matrix needle printer for KERN-Balances with Data interface RS-232
  • Thermal printer for KERN-Balances with Data interface RS-232
  • Statistics printer for KERN-Balances with Data interface RS-232 Quiet thermal printer with 0.75 lines/sec and max. 40 characters per line. GLP record keeping of balance adjustment with date and time print. Numerator; with statistical functions
  • Interface cable RS-232 to connect an external device
  • RS-232/Ethernet adapter
  • RS-232/Bluetooth adapter
  • RS-232/WiFi adapter

Ordering info

SKUDescription Capacity Platform sizeIn Stock
PCD 10K0.110,000g Precision Scale 10,000 g 165 x 165 mm 0
PCD 250-3250g Precision Balance 250g 157 x 157 mm 0
PCD 2500-22500g Precision Scale 2500g 161 x 161 mm 0

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